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Additional Information

Travel is $1 per mile roundtrip. For weddings past 65 miles, a room is required the night before the event. If further than a 3 hour drive, a room is required before and after the event. For out of state events, a 2 night stay + airfare is required.

Travel Fees


​All bridal services are booked with our contract of agreement and a non-refundable deposit of $500. Your deposit will go toward your wedding day services. A $1200 minimum fee is required to book (travel fee is not included).
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Bridal Packages

  • Bridal Preview - $200 
  • Bridal Hair - $250
  • Bridal Makeup - $250

The Bride

Bridal Party

  • Bridesmaid / MOG / MOB Hair - $150 
  • Bridesmaid / MOG / MOB Makeup - $150
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